A busy day.

Today has been very exciting. Mr Keogh came into our class this morning and we asked him lots of questions about his job as our schoolcaretaker. We found out that he has to come to school every morning when we are still asleep! The F2 children had their photograph taken for the Worksop Guardian this afternoon. The photographer said it might be in the paper the week after next. They all had lovely smiles and still looked very smart considering they had been painting this morning!

A Class Full of Superstars!

Class 1 have been superstars on their first day back.! All the children have settled down fantastically and have enjoyed exploring their new classrooms. The F2 children felt really grown up having their first lunch at school! Class 1 have enjoyed different activities including finger painting, cutting and sticking and imagining they are doctors and nurses in our brand new role play! We hope the children are looking forward to tomorrow as much as we are!

Exciting Autumn Term

With just two weeks to go until we start a new school year, I am very excited about the changes that we have got planned for Class 1. I know that the children will very much enjoy working with Mrs Gaddes for the first half of the Autumn Term. Miss Wheatley will be taking over the class after the half-term holidays.

Mrs Gaddes has some fantastic stuff planned for the children, but I will not spoil the surprise here!

Mr Huxley