Chocolate Apples

Look at these delicious looking chocolate apples that the children have been making! The children all learned about the importance of washing their hands before working with things that we eat, and then worked with Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Moore to make their very own chocolateapple. They saw how the chocolate melted using the microwave, and found out that lovely things like chocolate stars can stick to melted chocolate to decorate their apples. Once they had finished decorating their apples, they put them on a cooling tray so that the chocolate could set. Everybody had to wash their hands again because they were covered in chocolate – it is a good job they all had aprons to wear!

A big well done too to our new TV reporters who did an excellent job of holding the microphone and describing what they did.


Our Walk in the Village

What a super walk we had yesterday in the village. We walked past the shop, chapel, park, bus stop and lots of different houses. We looked closely at the houses and tried hard to think of similarities and differences. As we were so well behaved, we even had a chance to play on the park which we all enjoyed, even the staff! Our letters were posted in the post box outside the shop- I wonder who’s letter will arrive first? Could you bring it in to show us when it arrives at your house?

Class 1 Walk – 02/10/14 from Haggonfields Primary School on Vimeo.

Wonderful Work

This morning I spent some time in Class 1. All of the children were being very busy and making good use of the different areas in their class, including outside.

One piece of work in particular caught my attention. Poppy has drawn a picture of her mummy who has ‘a baby in her tummy’, take a look! What lovely drawing Poppy.